Dubious Dave's Medical Clinic

for Outlaws, Outcasts, & Others



"When my leg was sheared off by a malfunctioning bulkhead, I thought my piracy days were over! But my buddies got me (and my leg) to Dubious Dave, who worked tirelessly to reattatch my leg. I woudn't be standing here today if it weren't for Dubious Dave!"

"I got tested at Dubious Dave's! I also recieved safer sex supplies, and comprehensive, non-judgemental education on risks and considerations for sleeping with a wide range of species and genders. I'm ready to sleep my way across the solar system thanks to Dubious Dave's!"

"Thanks to the good folks at Dubious Dave's my chronic pain is better managed than ever before. I'm now committing three times as much crime as this time last year. I can't recommend Dubious Dave's enough."